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Micarta Industrial Laminates (High Pressure Laminates) (NEMA Rated Sheets, Tubes, and Rods)

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Micarta is a line of Industrial High Pressure Laminates available in sheets and tubes. The materials are constructed from a base reinforcement material laminated using one of several resin systems. Like other building materials, Micarta comes in a number of standard shapes and panels. Flat sheets are manufactured up to 16 inches in thickness and in sizes up to 5 feet by 12 feet. There are more than 1500 standard round, rectangular, square and elliptical Micarta convolute tubing products available. These are available with a range of inside and outside diameters, wall thicknesses and lengths. There is also a choice of oil, sanded or special finishes. Filament-wound tubing is available with up to 60 inch inside diameters, wall thicknesses up to 3 inch, in lengths up to 20 feet. Shapes other than cylindrical can be manufactured. A wide range of molded structural rods, angles, channels and zees of various materials and dimensions are available. Micarta materials meet or exceed all applicable NEMA requirements.

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H-24899 Plate N/A N/A Phenolic/Canvas/Graphite Black
5A2 Convolute Tubing XX Mil-I-24768/11-PBG [Exception to PARA 3.4.2 (color)] Phenolic/Paper Black
20007 Convolute Tubing N/A N/A Phenolic/Cotton Cloth/Molydisulfide Black
HY-1755 Convolute Tubing N/A N/A Phenolic/Cotton Cloth/Graphite Black
HY-1527 Wound Tubing G-10 N/A Epoxy/Glass Black
259-2 Plate G-5 Mil-I-24768/8-GMG Melamine/Glass Gray
H-12426 Plate G-9 Mil-I-24768/1-GME Melamine/Glass Gray
400 Plate N/A Mil-P-5431, MPR-400 Phenolic/Canvas/Graphite Green
H-19989 Plate G 3 Mil-I-24768/18-GPG Phenolic/Glass Natural
H-25126 Plate N/A N/A Phenolic/Linen Natural
281 Plate N/A N/A Phenolic/Canvas Natural
51F33 Plate CE Mil-I-24768/14-FBG Phenolic/Canvas Natural
H-22033 Plate G-10/FR-4 Mil-I-24768/2/27-GEE, GEE-F Epoxy/Glass Natural
H-26671 Plate G-11 Mil-I-24768/3-GEB Epoxy/Glass Natural
254 Plate XXX Mil-I-24768/10-PBE Phenolic/Paper Natural
H-5639 Plate XXXPC Mil-I-24768/23-PBE-PC Phenolic/Paper Natural
223 Plate N/A Mil-P-18324 Phenolic/Canvas Natural
238 Plate L Mil-I-24768/15-FBI Phenolic/Linen Natural
HY-1928 Convolute Tubing N/A N/A Epoxy/Cotton Cloth Natural
HY-512 Convolute Tubing G-10/G-11 Mil-I-24768/2-GEE Epoxy/Glass Cloth/Fine Weave Natural
HY-180 Convolute Tubing G-10 Mil-I-24768/2-GEE Epoxy/Glass Cloth Natural
HY-180-1 Convolute Tubing G-11 N/A Epoxy/Glass Cloth Natural
HY-964 Wound Tubing G-10 N/A Epoxy/Glass Natural
HY-1384 Wound Tubing G-10 N/A Epoxy/Glass Natural
HY-1457 Wound Tubing G-10 N/A Epoxy/Glass Natural
  Results 1 - 25 of 45 1 2 
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