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Plastic Refractories

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Plastic refractories are supplied in an unfired and formable condition. They are installed by hand or with the use of a pneumatic hammer to form the refractory mass. These products are used both for original installations and for patching. Plastic refractories can be used in many varied applications and locations because they are essentially formed by the installer to fit the specific use area. Refractory plastics can be used to patch or repair worn refractory areas whether they were originally brick castable or plastic. For the best results, the worn refractory should be removed back to a sound surface, removing loose material and preferably providing V-shape surfaces that will allow good bonding of the patch to the original refractory. A bonding mortar coating aids in achieving a lasting patch with good adherence.

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Item #

Material Required (Pressed)

Maximum Operating Temperature

Standard Packaging

Graphpak-45 142 lb/ft³ 3000 ºF 55# Plastic Bag in Box
Greenpak-85P 183 lb/ft³ 3000 ºF 55# Plastic Bag in Box
Plastech 156 to 192 lb/ft³ 2900 to 3200 ºF 55# Plastic Bag in Box
Super Hybond 146 to 186 lb/ft³ 2800 to 3300 ºF 55# Plastic Bag in Box
Grefpatch-85 (WET) 175 lb/ft³ 3000 ºF 55# Plastic Bag in Box
  Results 1 - 5 of 5 1 
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