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Quik-Cote (1200ºF Insulating and Finishing Cement)

Quik-Cote is a mineral fiber hydraulic-setting thermal insulating and finishing cement. It is a dry mixture of mineral fiber pellets and other insulating fillers blended with hydraulic setting binders and corrosion inhibitors. When water is added, a highly plastic cement is formed with excellent trowelling and palming characteristics. The wet cement takes a hydraulic set in about 2 hours and, upon drying, provides a smooth, off-white, monolithic finish on the applied surface.

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Service Temperature

Up to 1200 ºF

Approx. Dry Coverage

27 BF/90 lbs.





Approx. Green Set

2 h

Fire Resistance


Corrosion (Steel)


Shelf Life

6 month


45 lb. moisture resistant kraft bags

Thermal Conductivity at 200ºF Mean Temperature


Thermal Conductivity at 400ºF Mean Temperature


Thermal Conductivity at 600ºF Mean Temperature


Applicable Specifications

ASTM C-449
ASTM C-795 (Special order)

Federal SS-C-160

MIL-l-24244 (Special order)

NRC-RG 1.36 (Special order)

"Quik-Cote" is used to form a hard, monolithic finish over fibrous insulation products. It is also used to seal joints and point cracks on compound type (calcium silicate) insulation materials. It is commonly used to insulate valves, fittings and other complex shapes.

"Quik-Cote" insulates and finishes in a single operation. It is applied by trowelling or palming to a single desired thickness and should not be applied in more than one coat. A metal fabric is recommended when trowelling over fibrous materials. When applied indoors, "Quik-Cote" requires no further treatment and may be painted if desired. However, for outdoor applications, it is mandatory that a permanent protective coating be applied 24 to 48 hours after the cement is set.

This information is accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and will vary with manufacturing and testing tolerances. We have no control over installation workmanship, accessory materials or application conditions, and make no representation or expressed or implied warranty, either as to merchantability or fitness, beyond the description herein.


Data Sheet for Quik-Cote (1200ºF Insulating and Finishing Cement)
(PDF, 77KB)

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