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Item # Graphpak-45, Plastic Refractories

High Strength, Super Duty, Clay-Graphite Plastic Refractory

  • Exhibits better resistance to molten iron or iron slag penetration than conventional plastics.

  • Iron foundry ladle linings, iron cupola troughs, and other iron contact applications.
  • Primary copper reverberatory furnace slag trough linings.

  • Specifications  · Modulus of Rupture  · Applications



    Clay-Graphite Plastic Refractory
    High Strength

    Super Duty

    Material Required (Pressed)

    142 lb/ft³

    Maximum Operating Temperature

    3000 ºF

    Standard Packaging

    55# Plastic Bag in Box

    Modulus of Rupture

    Modulus of Rupture (Dried 18-24 hrs. at 220ºF [104ºC])

    250 psi

    Modulus of Rupture (Fired 5 hrs. at 1500ºF [816ºC])

    200 psi

    Modulus of Rupture (Fired 5 hrs. at Use Limit)

    325 psi

    Incinerator linings including afterburners, aluminum holding furnace sidewalls and ramps, steel mill maintenance linings, ladle linings holding iron, carbon steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, and zinc, burner blocks, and soaking pit slaglines. Other applications are primary copper reverberatory furnace slag trough linings, argon-oxygen decarburization vessel spouts, reheat furnace hearths, iron coreless and channel induction furnace spouts, aluminum and brass furnace door jambs, aluminum furnace sidewall bellyband repairs, forge furnace hearths, fluid catalytic cracker cyclones and transfer lines, and cement kiln nose rings.


    Data Sheet for Graphpak-45
    (PDF, 81KB)

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