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Item # Kaolite-2000 LI Kast-Olite 20 Plus, Kast-Olite 20 Plus Insulating Castable (2000ºF)

Foundry Service & Supplies offers a complete line of high temperature insulating castables (monolithics) rated for use in applications ranging from 2000ºF to 3300ºF. Their light weight and low thermal conductivity reduce both the amount of heat storage and heat transfer producing significant savings in furnace fuel consumption. Lower densities reduce the amount of supporting furnace steelwork required and provide more insulation with a thinner lining. Foundry Service can pre-cast and fire parts and shapes per customer supplied drawings as well.

Specifications  · Cold Crushing Strength  · Modulus of Rupture  · Applications



Calcium Oxide


Density at 1500ºF

39 to 43 lb/ft³
625 to 689

Maximum Operating Temperature

2000 ºF

Standard Packaging

40# Bag

Cold Crushing Strength

Cold Crushing Strength (Dried 18-24 hrs. at 220ºF [104ºC])

325 to 500 psi
2.24 to 3.45

Cold Crushing Strength (Fired 5 hrs. at 1500ºF [816ºC])

225 to 525 psi
1.55 to 3.62

Cold Crushing Strength (Fired 5 hrs. at Use Limit)

195 to 275 psi
1.34 to 1.90

Modulus of Rupture

Modulus of Rupture (Dried 18-24 hrs. at 220ºF [104ºC])

110 to 220 psi
0.76 to 1.52

Modulus of Rupture (Fired 5 hrs. at 1500ºF [816ºC])

85 to 155 psi
0.59 to 1.07

Modulus of Rupture (Fired 5 hrs. at Use Limit)

90 to 145 psi
0.62 to 1.00

Backup insulation in two component linings in petrochemical process units, hot face lining in ductwork from waste heat recovery boilers and process units, hydrogen or reducing atmosphere linings, radiant sections in steam flood generators, steam flood generator convection sections and target walls, cat cracker regenerator linings, petrochemical applications, flue and duct linings, backup for hearths, car tops, and arches, heat treating, annealing, and stress-relieving furnaces.


Data Sheet for Kast-Olite 20 Plus Insulating Castable (2000ºF)
(PDF, 257KB)

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