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Item # Kaocrete 32-CM, Kaocrete Dense Castable (3200ºF)

Foundry Service sells only high quality, pure, high density castables (monolithic)suitable for high temperature structural applications. These dense castables are available in various grades suitable for a specific range of operational conditions. Our refractory castables are hydraulic setting and can be casted or molded to any shape. All of these castables can also be modified for gunning applications. Foundry Service can pre-cast and fire parts and shapes per customer supplied drawings as well.

Specifications  · Cold Crushing Strength  · Modulus of Rupture  · Note  · Applications



Calcium Oxide


Density at 1500ºF

142 to 153 lb/ft³

Maximum Operating Temperature

3200 ºF

Standard Packaging

55# Bag

Cold Crushing Strength

Cold Crushing Strength (Dried 18-24 hrs. at 220ºF [104ºC])

500 to 700 psi
3.44 to 4.8

Cold Crushing Strength (Fired 5 hrs. at 1500ºF [816ºC])

600 to 800 psi
4.14 to 5.52

Cold Crushing Strength (Fired 5 hrs. at Use Limit)

1700 to 2200 psi
11.7 to 15.2

Modulus of Rupture

Modulus of Rupture (Dried 18-24 hrs. at 220ºF [104ºC])

3500 to 4300 psi
24.1 to 29.7

Modulus of Rupture (Fired 5 hrs. at 1500ºF [816ºC])

2500 to 4000 psi
17.2 to 27.6

Modulus of Rupture (Fired 5 hrs. at Use Limit)

7000 to 8000 psi
48.3 to 55.2

Foundry Service also offers low & medium cement castables, phosphate bonded castables, clay bonded castables, special duty castables, and aluminum resistant castable grades. Please call or e-mail us for additional information.

  • Around water-cooled boiler tubes
  • Boiler ash hoppers
  • Kiln cars
  • Piers
  • Car bottoms
  • Seal tanks in FCCU vessels
  • Burner blocks
  • Ladle metallurgy lance material


·  ATM-2000 Platens

·  ATM-2000-Tool

·  ATM-2000 Tool Form

·  ATM-2000 Tools

·  Ceramic Heaters

·  Ceramic Tool


Data Sheet for Kaocrete Dense Castable
(PDF, 246KB)

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