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Refractory Composites

Refractory Composites are high temperature fiber-reinforced materials that are produced on a press from refractory slurry, or from refractory composite laminates. They all exhibit good machinability, high temperature structural strength, and excellent dimensional stability and thermal shock resistance. All of the materials are available in sheet form in a range of thicknesses, and some of the materials are also available in cylinders and other custom shapes.

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Marinite - Calcium Silicate Insulation Boards

Calcium Silicate Boards

Calcium silicate boards are white, non-asbestos, high temperature structural insulating boards that exhibit good thermal shock resistance and stability, consistently low thermal conductivity, high structural strength at elevated temperatures, incombustibility, electrical insulating properties when dry, excellent machinability, insolubility in water, and non-corroding properties. Foundry Service stocks a variety of calcium silicate boards in a broad range of densities for both insulating and structural applications including oven and furnace insulation, molten metal contact parts and assemblies, structural steel and pipe insulation, electrical cable tray and grease duct insulation, and a variety of specialty machined shapes and components. The high density grades Ultratemp-SD and Marinite-P are used extensively for high-temperature platen press insulation and machine base plates. Foundry Service’s extensive cutting and machining capabilities makes it easy to get the exact size and shape required for any job.
H-91 (1000ºF Fine Grain Alumina Cement Composite Board)

Cement Boards

Foundry Service’s line of high temperature fiber reinforced cement boards and fiber cement panels feature high strength structural insulating properties and excellent machinability. Cement boards are capable of withstanding high temperatures, loads, and electrical conditions with less shrinkage and degradation as compared to previous non-asbestos formulas. They are hydraulically pressed into monolithic boards from Portland cement and selected non-asbestos, non-ceramic/refractory fibers. The board is then air or oven cured for exceptional machinability, and sanded to a standard 24 grit finish. The materials are non-combustible and can withstand operating temperatures of up to 1000ºF. They have low thermal conductivity, so work well for many structural insulating applications. They are non-conductive and will not rot or mold when exposed to prolonged dampness. The materials can be cut and machined with standard carbide shop tools.


Foundry Service non-asbestos Millboards are used in a wide variety of industrial applications for high temperature thermal insulation and gaskets. Refractory Millboards exhibit exceptional wear resistance. This, coupled with performance at temperature and ease of cutting, makes them the ideal solution to all high temperature gasketing problems. In addition, Millboard has set the standard for roller cladding material, designed to meet the most stringent requirements of glass and steel producers worldwide. Properties include excellent thermal stability and high temperature mechanical strength, good heat ageing properties, good insulating properties, resistance to molten metals, excellent electrical resistance, wide range of grades to match specific applications, and being a fairly clean product; die-cuts and punches excellently.
RS-100 (2300ºF Refractory Matrix Composite Board)

RS-100 (2300ºF Refractory Matrix Composite Board)

RS-100 is a ceramic fiber reinforced structural alumina composite material with useful properties to 1260ºC (2300ºF). It has exceptional flexural and compressive strengths in the range of high temperature reinforced plastics such as G-7 and G-10 laminates and retains strength and utility to levels far exceeding maximum use temperatures of plastics. Mechanical properties of Type RS-100 sheet far exceed those of Transite™ and other asbestos-cement materials and is an excellent replacement for these rigid asbestos-containing products. RS-100 can also be employed at much higher temperatures than these types of products.RS-100 is 100% inorganic, non-flammable and contains no asbestos. Its high Al2O3 content makes it highly ...
RS-100 (2300ºF Refractory Matrix Composite Board)

RSPB (2000ºF+ Low Expansion 99% Silica Matrix Composite Board)

Refractory Sheet Press Board (RSPB) is a silica matrix composite produced from low thermal expansion raw materials consisting of 99.7% silica. These rigid high strength fiber reinforced structural ceramic composites have a thermal expansion coefficient of .3 x 10-6/ºC which provides remarkable resistance to thermal shock up to 1200ºC (2192ºF). Beyond 1200ºC (2192ºF) it begins to transform into a crystalline structure, but maintains it’s properties up to 1650ºC (3002ºF) providing that there is no significant drop in temperature. At these elevated temperatures, RSPB will exhibit surface glazing, but will retain it’s strength and integrity.
Mechanical properties of Refractory Sheet Press Board exceed those of high ...
SG-70 (2300ºF Refractory Matrix Composite Board)

SG-70 (2300ºF Refractory Matrix Composite Board)

SG-70 is a non-asbestos ceramic refractory reinforced with continuous fibers to increase the toughness, structural reliability and overall performance of the ceramic composite. Supplied in sheets, boards, cylinders and other geometric shapes, SG-70 exhibits non-brittle behavior and can withstand extreme thermal shock and cycling within its specified temperature range. Chemically inert, unaffected by moisture and non-wetting to non-ferrous metals, SG-70 is machinable with standard tools. Thermally and electrically insulating, SG-70 is an excellent material choice for a variety of structural applications. Compared to SG-50, the SG-70 material has a more homogeneous fiber reinforcement structure which allows for intricate machining (i.e. ...
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