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Specially-formulated mortars (both wet and dry) and patching plasters are available for use up to 3200°F with all grades of dense and insulating fire bricks. Mortar consistency can be adjusted by varying the amount of water to achieve the desired viscosity for dipping, troweling, or hand-packing applications.

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Refractory Mortars & Patching Plaster

Thermal Ceramics Brick Mortars (2850ºF - 3200ºF Range)

  • Matched for use with each Thermal Ceramics firebrick and insulating firebrick
  • Both heat-setting and air-setting grades are available
  • Temperature use limits range from 2850ºF to 3200ºF
Thermal Ceramics refractory mortars were developed to match Thermal Ceramics dense and insulating firebricks in various thermal, chemical, and physical service conditions. Available in wet and dry grades, Thermal Ceramics mortars will provide the convenience you want with the performance you need for practically every high-temperature refractory application. K®-Bond Mortar has an extra smooth, creamy consistency plus excellent tackiness to brick surfaces.
Grefpatch-85 Patching Plaster (3000ºF 84% Alumina Patching Plaster)

Grefpatch-85 Patching Plaster (3000ºF 84% Alumina Patching Plaster)

85% Alumina, Phosphate-Bonded Patching Plaster
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