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Fiber Cement Boards

These high-density fiber cement boards come in an array of colors and textures. With standard sheet sizes at 4’ x 8’ and 4’ x 10’, these offer cut panel sizes and designs to be unique to each project. Applications included: rain-screen cladding, siding, interior walls, wainscot, fencing, mechanical screens, ceilings, soffits, clean rooms, partitions, tunnel linings, parking garages, signage, trellis, cabinet facing, fireplace surrounds, fine furniture, table tops, desk tops, fume hood liners, flooring, etc. Cembrit IAPMO-UES Report 553
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Cement Boards

Minerit-HD Fiber Reinforced Cement Composite Building Panels

Minerit HD (aka Cembrit Construction) is an untreated fibre cement board that allows the authentic appearance of the rough fibre-cement to stand out. In nature, Minerit HD is a building board which can be installed for facade purposes, when a natural and rough expression is desired. Minerit HD is a natural ...
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Cembrit Patina (Cembonit) Fiber Reinforced Cement Composite Building Panels

Cembrit Patina (formerly Cembonit) has a natural, textured surface. You can see the fibre and natural characteristics of the raw materials, and you can see and feel the sanding lines on the surface. As the seasons change and the years pass, the natural ageing of the fibre cement leaves subtle traces on the surface, and the facade will gradually acquire a distinctive patina.

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Cembrit Solid (Zenit) Fiber Reinforced Cement Composite Building Panels

The special thing about Cembrit Solid (formerly Zenit) boards is that they’re the same colour all the way through. Each of the core colours is matched with a full-coverage painted surface in vibrant yet resilient colours. This means if you choose Cembrit Solid boards to provide a façade with a particular colour, every board will feature that colour on every surface and edge, and with the same colour on the edges of any cut-outs or drilled holes.

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Cembrit Cover (Metro) Fiber Reinforced Cement Composite Building Panels

Cembrit Cover (formerly Metro) is the ideal solution if you prefer the strongest colours and bolder design statements. The natural grey fibre-cement core is completely covered by a layer of water-based acrylic paint, with 26 standard Cembrit colours and more than 2000 NCS colours to choose from.

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Cembrit Transparent (True) Fiber Reinforced Cement Composite Building Panels

Cembrit Transparent (formerly True) facade boards combine the textured nuances and natural characteristics of the base board with a long lasting performance of the transparent top coat. The colour added to the fibre cement reveals and highlights the fibres and other raw materials that provide its strength and character. The extremely durable transparent coating then protects the board and ensures a smooth surface with a long service life.

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FINEX Fiber Reinforced Cement Composite Building Panels

FINEX Fiber Cement Boards

Deck / Patio / Balcony

  • Weather-resistant
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • Little or no maintenance
  • Concrete that works like wood
  • Finishing Products Available

Heat-Screen and Stove Base

  • Finished panel: sanding, ceramic tiles, decorative stones, etc. not required
  • Allows stove to be 66% closer to the wall
  • Use 1/4” for heat-screen, ½” for stove base
  • ...
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