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Cast & Fired Ceramics-3

Cast & Fired Ceramics

Foundry Service offers a full line of technical ceramic products for a variety of industries and applications with operating temperatures up to 3400°F . Materials include Fused Silica and Fused Silica Foam (30 pcf to 130 pcf), Alumina, Mullite, Cordierite, Steatite, Silicon Carbide, Zirconia, and Aluminum Silicate (Lava). We have in-house slip casting and vibration casting operations and mold making capabilities. We offer cast and machined ceramic plates, tubes, rings, pins, kiln furniture, oven decks, kiln shelves, and parts molded or extruded according to customer supplied drawings. Foundry Service also offers grinding and machining services to support the many products we carry.
Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP)

Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP)

FRP composites are fiberglass-reinforced thermoset polyester materials that are laminated, pultruded, or molded in to a variety of different shapes and compositions. Typical forms include rigid and flexible sheets, tubes, rods, channels, angles, and custom molded shapes such as stand-off insulators. We offer grades that meet the requirements of NEMA grades GPO-1, GPO-2, and GPO-3, as well as being recognized by Underwriters Laboratories®. FRP composites are highly flame, arc, and track-resistant, and are electrically non-conductive. The materials also exhibit exceptional dimensional stability and are impervious to high humidity or immersion.
Engineering Composite Materials

Micarta Industrial Laminates (High Pressure Laminates) (NEMA Rated Sheets, Tubes, and Rods)

Micarta is a line of Industrial High Pressure Laminates available in sheets and tubes. The materials are constructed from a base reinforcement material laminated using one of several resin systems. Like other building materials, Micarta comes in a number of standard shapes and panels. Flat sheets are manufactured up to 16 inches in thickness and in sizes up to 5 feet by 12 feet. There are more than 1500 standard round, rectangular, square and elliptical Micarta convolute tubing products available. These are available with a range of inside and outside diameters, wall thicknesses and lengths. There is also a choice of oil, sanded or special finishes. Filament-wound tubing is available with up to 60 inch inside diameters, wall thicknesses up ...
Mica Composites

Mica Composites

Mica composites are designed for electro-mechanical and thermo-mechanical applications requiring one or more of the following properties: good machinability, excellent resistance to heat and/or open flame up to 1832°F (1000°C), low thermal conductivity, excellent electrical insulation, extremely high resistance to pressure, high resistance to impact (cracking, and chipping), impervious to most chemicals (including oil, grease, and water), asbestos-free, and ecologically safe and non-toxic.
Refractory Composites

Refractory Composites

Refractory Composites are high temperature fiber-reinforced materials that are produced on a press from refractory slurry, or from refractory composite laminates. They all exhibit good machinability, high temperature structural strength, and excellent dimensional stability and thermal shock resistance. All of the materials are available in sheet form in a range of thicknesses, and some of the materials are also available in cylinders and other custom shapes.
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